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Shamanic Healing

Shipibo shaman and Suzanne in Peru

My Energy Medicine Practice is based in the pioneering modality I have developed of the Vibrational Aspects ™System.  This system creatively facilitates the 7 subtle bodies, chakras and precise resonance with physical tissues, cells and DNA.  I am also a Reiki Master and Reconnective Therapy Practitioner.  I have served as an energy medicine practitioner during surgeries, periods of chronic and terminal illness and the process of being born and of dying.

Since childhood, I have been a Nature Mystic and student of shamanism. My Shamanic Practice includes thirty years of experience in Celtic shamanism and training in the healing modalities of  Shipibo (Amazon), Huichol and Toltec (Mexican), Paqo (Andes)and Native North American traditions.
Through the PowerPath School of Shamanic Studies, I am honored to work with indigenous shamanic healers around the world.  
Shamanic Healing offers a sacred space that opens communication between your personality (physical body, emotional body and mental body) and your Essence (body, soul, spirit and creatrix). Shamanic healing aims to clear out the stuck energy, the blocks, the trauma, the negativity, so healing and reconnecting to all you are may happen.
I offer both in person and distant shamanic healings. After an initial phone intake of 15 minutes,  if I feel I can be of assistance,  we schedule a session and I e-mail an intake form to be completed and brought to the first session. The first session includes further intake based on your written intake form/ release waiver. Each session begins with a check in and setting of intentions. A session can last between one and two hours.
Distant Healings: The procedure for non- local healings is the same as in person- phone interview followed by intake form. I schedule the time of the session and then call you when the session is complete. 
I begin with a special attunement.  I follow my intuition and your desires to inform, nurture, clear, integrate and illuminate you. Depending on the guidance, a session may include: 
  •     Ho’Oponopono
  •    Weaving of the Energy field
  • Bodywork
  •  Dancing
  •  Chakra work
  •   Singing and drumming
  •  Journey work
  •   Soul Retrievals
  •  Spiritual Extraction with Tobacco
  •  Depossession
  •   Feather work
  •  Clearing Imprints- past life, ancestral
  •  Blessings and illumination
Because energy medicine and shamanic healings work with the Quantum Field of energy, there is no way to guarantee or predict the results. Miracles of all sizes usually occur from inner silence and peace, to restored vitality to shifts in physical trauma to complete change in physical tissues. It all depends on the dance between the person and Spirit and my own readiness to heal.

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Confidential Intake Form

“I am touched every time I come into Suzanne River's presence. She has a power, a beauty and a grace that shines through to everyone she meets.  I appreciate her integrity, and inner knowing.  The personal healing sessions I have had with her were beyond amazing and shifted me in ways that I never knew possible.  She holds an incredible range for every single person to become the essence that they are!
This is manifested in both her personal healing sessions, as well as her ground breaking work with her classes in Global Somatics™Process.  
Suzanne has a pure heart and an incredible dedication to her
own journey….a sign of a very professional healing arts practitioner. 
I am impressed at her continuous quest for knowledge that is in service of others.   Truly she is a gem and I have been lucky to encounter her 
on my journey. For anyone who is looking for a powerful life transforming
journey, I highly recommend Suzanne River.”
Monica Kenton, The Awakened Dreamwalker, Golden Valley , MN